From 6pm till midnight, Saturday the 1st of August 2020 Porto Rotondo will host the 4th Edition of “Le Quai Des Artistes” – “The Artists’ Quay”.
The event, organized by Porto Rotondo’s consortium of merchants, in collaboration with “Olbia Pulse / Spazio Arte” Cultural Association, will showcase 31 artists from all over Sardinia who will display their artwork across the streets, the squares and hidden corners of the village, creating an open-air art exhibition and offering all visitors & art lovers a view on contemporary art & current trends in Sardinia.
The artists will be present together with their artworks, mirrors of their souls.
A selected jury will have the honour of choosing an artwork that will be displayed in the new & prestigious “Porto Rotondo Art Gallery”, partner of the event, in Piazza San Marco.
The award ceremony will take place at midnight in Piazza San Marco.
Tino Cavagnoli
Dody Art
Mario Biancacci
Francesca Patteri
Maria Sulas
Lidia Tangianu
Stefano Linzas
Venceslao Mascia
Bruno Ladu
Massimo Littera – Exclusive Lux
Shantam Shakeel
Aldo Manzanares
Patry Pitzy Pitzianti
Gigi Musa
Piero Masia
Giusi Delogu
Gianni Mattu
Emanuela Giacco
Carlo Solinas
Agostino Melis
Sandro Marchi
Vanni Rocca
Fabio Fadda
Giovanni Pisanu
Silvia Gin
Antonello Cosseddu
Lucia Canu
Nicola Nalli
Antonietta Zizi
Anelise Lami
Michele Mitch Porcheddu
Artistic Director – Aldo Manzanares