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A magical oasis nested between crystal clear waters and the aromatic mediterranean scrub.

Punta Nuraghe Beach, located next to the promontory of Porto Rotondo, boasts shallow & calm waters, with medium sized sand in the shades from grey to golden ocra. From here  you can enjoy magnificent views of the picturesque Bay of Cugnana, that stretches out from Punta Nuraghe, in pristine waters that nuance in all the shades of blue. It is also possible to visit the Nuraghe Iscia Piumiga, a thousand year old watch tower, that gives the name to this piece of land. In the vicinities you can find hotels, bars, ristorantants, pizzerias, boutiques, agencies, diving centres, boat rentals and many other services.

Just 1 kilometer separates the beach from one of the main hotspots of the world renowned Costa Smeralda: Porto Rotondo. A gem of italian & international tourism that has been attracting the main names of art, fashion, showbiz, finance & politics for over half a century.

It gets its name from a circular shaped inlet, around which the urban & harbour development has taken place, in a context well articulated between culture and worldliness.

Porto Rotondo can be considered an open air museum, thanks to elements like Piazzetta San Marco, San Lorenzo Church, the Anfitheatre and masterpieces that have enriched the many villas and residences that sprawl in the entire village. These elements have allowed this beautiful corner of Gallura (northern Sardinia), to retain its beauty throughout the years.

  • Spiaggia Punta Nuraghe, Porto Rotondo
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