Real Estate Piazza Quadra 8

Piazza Quadra 8, Porto Rotondo

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Real Estate Piazza Quadra 8


Piazza Quadra 8 real estate agency has been operating in Italy and on the international market for over twenty years, selling and renting properties throughout northern Sardinia, in particular Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo.

The company was the brainchild of Milena Corona, and is now run by Gianluca Macchia Corona who, with his particular skills in law and urban planning, has expanded the business to include a consultation service for clients at every stage, both before and after sales.

A new approach that puts every client, whether selling a property or looking to rent their dream house, at the centre of a network of professionals they can count on for all their requirements: lawyers, technicians, surveyors and architects.

Experience in the sector and the utmost ​professionism​ are Piazza Quadra 8’s individual guarantee to every client that the ​trust relationship essential when choosing the right place to ensure peace of mind, whether it’s a home for life or just for holidays, will be given absolute priority.

Piazza Quadra 8’s particular skills lie in selecting niche products and prestigious locations, and dealing with a select clientele. For Piazza Quadra 8, doing business is not about quantity – it’s about quality.

Handling a restricted number of properties ensures they receive the greatest attention, which is what everyone who invests their time and money in Piazza Quadra 8 deserves.

  • Piazza Quadra 8, Porto Rotondo
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