Piazzetta i Ginepri 13/15, Portorotondo, Olbia

+39 0789 34080

Ristorante “Bambusa”


Our restaurant is located in the ‘Nuova Darsena’ in Porto Rotondo, a wonderful location.

Once you get here you will find a beautiful restaurant with an amazing water front terrace embraced by a comfortable cushion seating on which you will spend an unforgettable night with your friends or loved one.

For the last few years we have been pairing the constant research and attention to details, typical of fine dining restaurants, with the friendliness of our service.

We offer a Mediterranean style cuisine, inspired by world cuisine, spacing from western flavours to oriental ones.

All of this is possible thanks to our constant research for the freshest produce and the collaboration with international chefs.

  • Piazzetta i Ginepri 13/15, Portorotondo, Olbia
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